Few entertainers from North Carolina have accomplished more than Dave Moody.  As the driving force behind the Moody Brothers, he led the family band to international success and critical acclaim, along the way earning Grammy® Award nominations, several gold records, and performing for over 50,000,000 guest at Disneyland Paris.

Dave with his family perform at the Grand Ole Opry

Dave performs Dove nominated song on the Grand Ole Opry with 3 generations of the Moody family.

And that was all before he embarked on a solo career in 2001 with the release of his music album entitled I Will Follow You.  As a bonus track to this release, Dave recorded Will The Circle Be Unbroken, a tribute to one of his guitar heros Chet Atkins, who had just passed away.  The track earned Dave his first, of what would become twenty, Dove Award nominations over the next ten years from the Gospel Music Association.

In 2005, Dave won his first Dove Awards for a collection of original songs performed by PraiseStreet Worship Band, a studio group he formed to produce and record a series of Praise and Worship music.

Dave returned to his acoustic Americana roots with the release of Right Where I Belong, an eclectic collection of original and familiar tunes.  The album earned international recognition and acclaim from fans and music press around the world.

Whether it’s traditional country, contemporary Christian, acoustic bluegrass, or other musical genres, Dave feels right at home as a musician.  “I love all styles of music,” says Dave.  “There’s not a lot out there that I don’t appreciate.”

Select Discography

Member of The Moody Brothers

Cotton Eyed Joe (1985)   § Grammy Nomination
The Moody Brothers (1987)
Sugar Foot Rag (1989)   § Grammy Nomination
Brother To Brother (1989)
Guitar Boogie’ (1992)
Line Dancing (1995)
Live from Billy Bob’s Disneyland Paris (2012)

Member of PraiseStreet Worship Band

All Of You (2002)
Come And Worship (2002)
Worship The King (2003)
Te Amo Dios (2004)   § Dove Award Winner

Solo Artist

I Will Follow You (2001)  § Dove Award Nomination
Blinded (2003)   § Dove Award Nomination
Right Where I Belong (2005)   § Dove Award Nomination
Feels Like Home (2007)   § Dove Award Nomination

Chart Singles:
Love Is Free (2002)   § Dove Award Nomination
God Is Good All The Time (2003)   § Dove Award Nomination
Cooper Creek (2012)

Motion Picture Soundtracks

Stuck In The Past (2008)
Praise Band: The Movie (2008)
No Limit Kids: Much Ado About Middle School (2010)
Season of Miracles (Songs inspired by the Motion Picture) (2013)


Acoustic Guitars
Martin HD-28 Vintage Series

’80 Guild D-44 Custom Made Acoustic
’01 Guild F-47 Jumbo Acoustic Cutaway (with Fishman Electronics)
’90 Guild Songbird Thinline Electro-Acoustics (2 Original Versions)
’01 Martin HD-28VS Vintage Series 12-fret Slot Head Acoustic




Electric Guitars
’14 Tom Anderson Drop Top (HSS Pickups) – Burnished Orange Burst

Anderson Drop Top





’17 Yamaha RevStar RS502T (with P90 Pickups) – Bowden Green






’88 Fender Stratocaster (with Texas Special Pickups) – Hot Rod Yellow






’90 Fender Telecaster (3 pickup, Joe Glaser B-Bender) – Midnight Blue






’16 Epiphone Sheraton II Pro – Wine Red

Epiphone Sheraton II





’03 Chuck Tipton Custom Made TwangBuddy (with 3 pickups, blend switch) – Honey Burst

Twang Buddy





’17 Line 6 Variax JTV-59 – Tobacco Burst

James Tylar JTV-59 Variax






Electric Basses

Fender Jazz Bass




’07 Fender Jazz Bass – Honey Burst
’02 Line 6 Variax Bass 700 – Black

Utility Instruments

F5 Mandolin




’72 Aria Pro F-5 Mandolin
’05 Gretsch RB250 Banjo
’98 Melobar Lap Steel
’01 Vintage Morrell Dobro (Square Neck)
’98 Dean Resonator (Round Neck)
’99 Romez Classical (Custom Made in Madrid)
’92 Washburn (High Strung) Electro-Acoustic
’15 Surf Ukulele

Amps & Effects
’04 Fender CyberTwin Amp
’82 Lab Series L5 Amp
Roland AC-40 Acoustic Amp
Line 6 Helix Rack with Helix Control
Eventide H9 Max
Keeley Compressor
Keeley Overdrive
Keeley Clean Boost
Timmy Overdrive
Wampler EGO Compressor
Fulltone OCD Overdrive